Apex of Bukit Timah Singapore. Perfect Ten by Japura

Perfect Ten Condo is situated at the apex of the Bukit Timah area, near some of the finest schools in the nation for residents with small children. From Bukit Timah to Dunearn Road, Singapore is home to a plethora of renowned schools.

Not to mention the many schools in this region, where students may finish a full cycle of education before moving to downtown Singapore.

For foreign pupils, Middleton International School is a short walk or drive away. Orchard Road is not the only retail district in Singapore; there are many more nearby.

Many of these malls are within walking distance and stops from the Newton MRT station, making them readily accessible from the condominium.

Retail and other shopping activities are plentiful, and locations such as Orchard Shopping Belt, Novenas, and Specialty Shopping Malls are interesting. Nothing beats living in a location that provides you with convenience and access to everything your children need as a parent. Shopping is available everywhere and provides a diverse variety of goods, including clothes, gadgets, and home appliances.


Orchard Road is ideal for people seeking for excellent shopping and eating experiences. These two locations are a tourist hotspot because they provide a diverse range of goods and services. Balmoral Plaza, a 10-minute drive away, is another peaceful place where people may shop and enjoy a cup of coffee once a week.

Residents of the Japura development’s up-and-coming high-end condos can travel to the central business district and other areas of Singapore in minutes. Residents may also visit one of the park’s numerous quirky pubs and eateries. Canberra Drive’s new condominiums are close to MRT stations. Residents of Perfect Ten can stroll to Newton and Stevens MRT stations.

Bukit Timah Road, Dunearn Road, Pan Island Expressway (PIE), and Central Expressway (CTE) are just a few of the main roads and expressways that allow condo owners to easily commute around Singapore. Little India, Chinatown, Fort Canning Park, Botanical Gardens, Bedok Reservoir, Singapore Expo, and Changi Airport are among well-known sites and facilities. Many facilities and services around Orchard Road and Novena Shopping Centre are also accessible by MRT.

Location of condo

The Perfect Ten Condo location is situated in District 10, 325 Bukit Timah Road, and offers panoramic views of the central catchment to the south and the city to the north. The property is just across the street from the Stevens Newton MRT station. It is also 1 kilometer from the Anglo-Chinese school on Barker Road, where the Singapore Chinese Girls School’s primary school is located.

Japura Development is the developer of luxurious Perfect Ten. General Description: Two 24-story residential buildings with a total of 230 apartments, a garden deck, two basements, parking, a swimming pool, and common amenities. Lot 00211X 26 Bukit Timah Road Plot Ratio: 2.1 Location Address: 321-323 Bukit Timah Road

We presume that anybody interested in buying the 947 sqm apartment will apply the real estate investment method stated above to evaluate whether or not it is a real estate investment. The calculation in Real Estate Investing implies that purchasing a one-bedroom mid-floor apartment in Perfect Ten is determined by comparing it to the closest condominium named Palm Spring.

The Perfect Ten Condo is an emerging luxury gated community located in the heart of the Bukit Timah region in Singapore’s 10.seven District. A subsidiary of Cheung Kong purchased Bloc City Tower on Bukit Timah Road for $401.9 million and plans to transform it into a stunning development for those seeking to live in this prestigious area.

The Perfect Ten condominium is located in District 10, a premium enclave of private flats, plots, and residential projects in Singapore. District 10 is a premier location and favored site for the city state’s wealthy and affluent. With the property situated in prestigious District 10, which is also one of the most sought after locations in the nation, it is well-positioned to target the ultra-luxury sector of the residential real estate market.

Perfect Ten is anticipated to become one of Singapore’s most sought-after locations, with a rising population of well-spoken city residents and closeness to surrounding support offices, medical facilities, schools, hotels, and amenities.

Great Demand

Bukit Timah condominiums are in great demand, and Perfect Ten condos in Singapore are excellent for anyone seeking for a long-term investment. Perfect Ten provides a great chance to spend time during your stay in Upper Bukit Timah since the overwhelming majority of condos in Singapore District 10 are leased for 99 years leasehold.

Ten Perfect Condos Roman Bukit Timah Road is a key location to live in since it is home to a 24-story residential structure with condominiums, which guarantees an insulated expanse of space and independence. Perfect Tens has a great position overlooking the BUKIT Timah Reserve and is just 100 meters from the main road.

Perfect Tens’ environment, with lush foliage and natural flora around the reserve, is a one-of-a-kind development that provides its residents with solitude and uninterrupted vistas. Perfect Ten inhabitants are astonished at how pleasant everyday living can be with a Japura emphasis on unparalleled residential experiences, including the newest luxury and comfort facilities.

Japura Property

Prime District 10, Bukit Timah, is a sought-after area of Singapore renowned for its first-rate residential complexes surrounded by lush greenery. Japura Property, a Cheung Kong company, paid $401.9 million for the Bloc City Tower on Bukhari Timah Road and intends to transform it into a fantastic development for people looking to reside in Singapore’s District 10. Bukit Timah, or specifically District 10, is your most desired neighborhood, known for expensive homes, renowned international institutions, and various lovely parks.

Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the fact that The Perfect Ten Condo is located near the Singapore Botanical Garden and the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

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Commercial Property Versus Industrial Property – Profitablilty

Real estate investing is a touchy subject, and many investors are unsure whether to invest in commercial or residential real estate. Commercial property is three times the value of its net rental income, and its success is contingent on a number of factors.

One could argue that commercial real estate should be examined more thoroughly before investing – another reason why investors are hesitant to enter the commercial real estate market.

Commercial is not used for residential

Commercial property is used for non-residential purposes and includes hotels, office buildings, retail establishments, industrial structures, and public facilities.

Commercial property owners, similar to residential property owners, typically operate, own, and rent their commercial property to tenants. Many businesses prefer to rent rather than own real estate because it allows them to operate their business with real estate that is not their core business and provides them with free capital to invest in that business.

The type of tenants that commercial and residential property attracts is markedly different. Apartments, commercial properties, industrial properties, and retail properties all have unique tenants, which means that each tenant has unique needs. When properties house retailers and restaurants (as we frequently do), they act as anchors for multiple tenants and main tenants, directing traffic, whereas when properties are used individually, they act as stand-alone buildings.

Commercial property is typically defined as real estate that is used for business purposes, but this definition does not provide much context for the types of real estate discussed. Classification of office and apartment buildings A, B, and C. Residential and rental properties, in particular, are classified according to their ownership type.

Office buildings include single-family residences, small professional office buildings, and city center skyscrapers.
Commercial real estate takes the place of residential real estate as a more profitable real estate investment opportunity in today’s times, as the residential real estate market becomes increasingly concentrated.

Industrial properties, in contrast to retail or office properties, are commercial properties that are used for industrial purposes. Commercial real estate is also referred to as industrial real estate, investment real estate, income real estate, or property used to generate profits, capital gains, or rental income.

Huge investment upside

Any type of property, whether commercial or residential, represents an excellent investment opportunity. It is critical to ensure that the commercial property in which you wish to invest is capable of generating a satisfactory return on your investment. Knowing the appropriate amount can mean the difference between a profitable and unsuccessful transaction – regardless of whether you intend to operate your business from the property, use it to generate rental income, or repair and renovate it.

The first step toward a successful career in commercial real estate is to gain an understanding of the various industries that comprise commercial real estate, which is defined as real estate with the potential to generate profits (capital gains or rental income). Now that you understand the fundamentals, each sector contains a variety of different types of real estate. Retail properties include those that house the retailers and restaurants that we all frequent.

When a real estate investor purchases a residential property, he or she rents it to one or two tenants for a 12-month period. In comparison to apartments and industrial buildings, retail properties have a higher rental yield of 5% to 12%. You can extend the term of your commercial property lease, but there is no guarantee that your private landlord will remain in business throughout the term of the lease.

Owners of commercial real estate may wish to hire a commercial real estate management company to assist them in locating, managing, and retaining tenants, monitoring leasing and financing options, and coordinating property maintenance and marketability.

Residential real estate agents typically have an easier time locating tenants for their properties, whereas commercial real estate agents have an abundance of clients. Residential properties have fared better than commercial retail space during the economic downturn.

Different Investment instrument

Investors can participate in the commercial market by purchasing a variety of investments eg. securities, including real estate investment trusts (REITs) and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that invest in commercial real estate and companies serving the commercial market, such as banks and brokers. Private individuals can supplement their income by purchasing and renting residential property.

Purchasing and renting an apartment or house as a tenant can generate passive income, or income that can be generated with little or no effort on the part of the person receiving the property, but it is not a passive investment if you are involved in the property’s day-to-day management.
Thus, the interests of commercial tenants and property owners are aligned to assist the owner in maintaining or improving the property’s quality and value.

You must understand and evaluate common commercial real estate metrics such as return on capital (cash or cash equivalent), capitalization, cap rate, and others. Cap Rate is an important metric for investors who want to understand how a commercial property performs in comparison to other types of assets.

Rental income can be used to estimate the value of a property by selecting a beta that corresponds to the rate of return on the property, such as the rate of return on a publicly traded real estate investment trust.

The third type of commercial property buyer is speculators, who acquire a property and hold it until its value increases, at which point they sell it for a profit. Sellers work with an experienced broker to negotiate a price that reflects the profit potential for investors in the area at the applicable cap rate for the type of commercial property they are seeking (retail, office, or industrial).

For investors looking to invest in commercial real estate without the hassle of managing physical properties, Jasper offers a digitized onboarding, accreditation, and subscription process that enables investors to own institutional-quality commercial real estate.

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